To set up a Facebook Business page you need to have a personal account first. Many people ask why I need a personal account to have a business page. Facebook wants someone to be verified before they set up pages. You will always login to your personal account to manage and post on your business page. But if you have another person to manage the page you can later configure them as another admin.
First step login to facebook using your personal account and scroll all the way down to the bottom of your newsfeed/wall page. You will see a link in the bottom navigation that says “Create a Page”.

Once you click that you will see another screen to choose if it is a local business page or company or brand, artist band, entertainment, cause or community.

Once you click which option you will have to fill out some basic information and click that you agree to the Facebook terms.

Get Fans – Facebook allows you to tap into your personal fans – import your contacts or skip this step.

Next you fill in Basic information you can put your website URL & 255 characters about your business or club

Then you are presented with the Get Started Screen which allows you to access more information like Invite your friends – Tell your fans – Post Status Updates – Promote your fan page on your website – Set up your mobile phone

You are ready to roll – click on “WALL” on the left menu and post away.

Note to admin your page in the future or log off your page back to your personal profile – go up on the top right there is a drop down next to “HOME” that says “Use Facebook as Page” Or Use as Your name. Click in and out of that to get to the page again.