What is a Google alert? Google alerts is a free marketing tool that allows you to listen to your industry and monitor anything that is said about your company. You can set up to get a daily or weekly email for terms relating to your business or your business name. You can select what type of content you want Google to look for these terms in, like blog posts, news, and articles. Warning when choosing these options think about the option of a daily summary email or even weekly, otherwise every time that term is mentioned you will get emails and if it is a popular term you will get emails every minute.

Large companies actually have staff to monitor the web, but Google alerts will let you get a free report without the need for a staff member.

Remember the idea here is to see what others are saying in your industry if you aren’t going to read what is out there for your business type save your time for something else. This shouldn’t take more than a few minutes each morning to review, use the tool and grow your business.

Use this knowledge to see what is happening and write a blog post on the topic. Why search for ideas to write about when current trends are happening – use Google Alerts to get inspiration.