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Search engine optimization or (SEO) is the science of getting a website to appear in the organic search results based on a specific set of targeted words. You need to understand that you just can’t rank number one for everything, but you can target a specific term and rank highly for that. What most of my clients and many web designers don’t really understand is that every page on your website can be targeted for a specific keyword and could be the result that Google and the search engines deliver as a good match for that term you targeted. So many people think that the front page is where you want to have people land, that couldn’t be further from the truth and the more narrowly focused pages you have the better shot you have that your page will be a result.

I come into site redesigns where clients have a “services” or “products” page with a whole list of all the things they can do. Let’s use a floor coverings store as an example; you sell carpet, hardwood floors, vinyl, marble and many other products. If you were the user putting in a query for hardwood floors how helpful would it be to land on a homepage that listed all those things and did not give you specific information about what hardwood floors they offer. You would leave and click the next link.

The time you just spent on that website was quick maybe ten seconds and it is called “bounce rate”. If the search engines see that every time they deliver you as a hardwood floor match the people leave in ten seconds then it is quite clear you are not the match and you will get dropped down and not served for that query. Now let’s make a page about hardwood floors, we talk about the five brands we carry (drop some brand names people search for) then we talk about how to select quality products, what happens when you get floors installed and how to clean a hardwood floor. Then you are really being helpful and providing people with helpful information they may be actually looking for they stay two minutes or ten, then the bounce rate goes up and Google realizes you are a good match. The best part about having an individual product page is that you can optimize the meta tags just for hardwood floors, that also tells the search engines what you are about.

What is a spider, robots, and crawlers?
While they sound a little like a bad horror movie they are computers that go out continuously and look at every webpage on the Internet and they grab all the words on that page. Simple right? Not exactly there of course are billions of websites and even more webpages. These robots, spiders and crawlers can only read your words on the page. They can’t see images, flash and JavaScript. Each search engine as you would think has their own spiders and they decide just how much they are going to read. Some pull all the content while others get bored and leave after a paragraph. Your job is to give them quality content that will keep readers happy and then they stay longer and you become a good site to deliver as a search result.

The spiders follow links and they love links that actually contain phases that people would search. Have you ever gone into Google and searched “click here” ? I think not yet that is what so many web designers and clients want.

Look at these two examples – which one is better for SEO?

Hardwood floor care click here
To learn more about how to care for hardwood floors click here.

The search engines would get queries for “how to care for hardwood floors” so write a page ( your an expert aren’t you)

SEO is fun and better then a board game – just think of the challenge in creating good content – optimize for that topic and you will see much better results.