Many small businesses around the world make use of the marketing opportunities provided on the Internet by companies such as Google. In fact, most small businesses make use of Google marketing capabilities by designing a website, creating content and using keywords and links to improve their online visibility. However, things are bound to change soon.

Google has introduced changes to its main search engine algorithm known as Hummingbird. These changes have been introduced recently and will largely affect SEO work and search engine optimization as is currently done. However, these changes are likely to affect small businesses and the kind of marketing they undertake on Google.

Therefore, in order for small businesses to keep up with Google, there are a few things they need to get right. One is to create quality content that is well written and original. This is very important because quality content is what the algorithm will focus on. Second is that the content needs to be fresh. This means that a good website should have fresh content as often as possible. The third requirement is quality links pointing or linking to the relevant website. Quality links remain very useful. Finally, the site should utilize keywords and keyword phrases that are very relevant.

Remember, Google aims to provide users with the exact information they need. If your website answers that need, you should rank high with Google.