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Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet 2015

 Ever struggled with getting just the right image for your Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twittier account?  This table helps you figure out how to size your images so that they display perfectly on each social media site.

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Facebook Twitter LinkedIn
Cover photo 851×315 px
Profile photo 180×180 px
Tab 111×74 px
Link image 1200×627 px
Shared image 1200×1200 px
Photo on timeline 504×504 px
Header 1500×500 px
Profile photo 400×400 px (Scaled to 200)
Shared photo 1024×512 px
In-stream photo preview 220×440 px
Standard logo 100×60 px
Square logo 50×50 px
Banner image (Cover photo) 646×220 px
Shared image size limit 100 MB
Background image 1400×425 px (Max size: 4000×4000 px)
Google+ Pinterest Instagram
Profile photo 250×250 px
Cover photo 1080×608 px
Shared image [minimum] 250×250 px
Profile photo 600×600 px
Board thumbnail 222×150 px
Pin 600x infinite
Profile photo 161×161 px
Image viewed on desktop in lightbox as 612×612 px
Image feed 510×510 px
Profile photo Pulled from Google+
Channel art 2560×1440 px