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Facebook Sizes for Everything

Facebook Sizes for Everything

Learn all the sizes of everything Facebook. What size graphic can I put on my Facebook fan page sidebar? Look at our graphic to see all the sizes you will ever need. Facebook Infographic

How to Add Your Twitter Feed To Facebook

While you do not want to give your Facebook users exactly the same content as your Twitter followers you can easily add your twitter feed to your Facebook fan page. Using the Facebook Twitter app located ( http://www.facebook.com/apps/application.php?id=2231777543 )...

How to Create a Facebook Page

To set up a Facebook Business page you need to have a personal account first. Many people ask why I need a personal account to have a business page. Facebook wants someone to be verified before they set up pages. You will always login to your personal account to...

Create a Custom Left Side Facebook Page Graphic

A Facebook Fan page give just a little opportunity for you to show your stuff or be creative. I recommend that you create a custom graphic for the top left side. Most people just load their logo but actually can load a graphic 225px x650px. On that graphic put your...