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We love making changes for you and encourage you to update your website content often so that you stay on Google’s radar. Ask me if you want to know what would help. We often slip in these smaller changes (we call them “could you just requests”) in between what was already on my teams schedule for the day or as soon we can.

In order to encourage our clients to do more with their websites, we are introducing “PREBUY” time. This time will never expire and can be purchased in blocks of 1-20 hours. You will only be charged the actual time we work rather than the one hour minimum if you do not have “PREBUY” hours.

PLAN FOR 2018 to make your website do more!
If you would like to get into a better routine of updates, seo and analytics reviews consider buying a few hours a month and we know you will get better results.
Without “PREBUY” time we will be charging $90 an hour with a one hour minimum for changes.
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WP Engine customers see below

For our WP Engine Customs we offer a discount to reflect the fact the WP Engine covers backups


This service is not the same as website changes with the above “PREBUY” time.

As the result of its tremendous popularity WordPress has become a target for hackers this year more than ever before and the WordPress Software is often doing weekly/daily updates that effect the very security and functionality of your website and plugins on your website. To help our customers protect themselves we started a monthly WordPress updating, backups, and plugin monitoring package. This year major companies like GoDaddy, Hostgator, and Network Solutions got hacked at the server level and took down over a million websites.

As a result some of the hosting companies are moving to an “major automated update” of the WordPress Core and while that sounds great – what happens is many of the plugins do not get updated and then they stop working. The hosts do not backup before they update and they do not check to see if anything broke.

Our monthly contracts include weekly reviews of your backend, we backup, update, test and backup again each time updates are posted. This protects you from going down. Every website has different plugins that do different things we track when yours need updates and we do them then verify continued functionality.

If your form or shopping cart or Twitter feed, Facebook feed, Pinterest feed, Mailchimp signup or Constant Contact sign up stops working you will be calling us to figure out what happened and then pay us to do all updates manually. This investigation/repair will cost you at least an hour of our time.

We have had outdated clients sites hacked and the whole site disappears. When this happens it’s all hands on deck and we stop our scheduled tasks and we all work to get your site back. This restore site thing can take up to 5 hours depending on your host.

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