What is the most valuable business asset you have? Your Email List!

4How much does it cost you to find a new customer? Surprisingly, most companies do not even know. With all the marketing opportunities out there, “a new customer” has a much higher level of cost then an established customer that already knows and trusts you.

Your mailing list! Are you marketing to your customers? Are you asking them for referrals? While you hold the keys to growing your business, we can show you more “doors” by adding a sign-up box to your website that goes directly to the mail system database. We can create a beautiful template for you that brings your branding look and feel to the emails. This reassures your customers to trust you and come back to do additional business with you. We can upload your current list and help you get more customers, fast.  To see  some sample email marketing templates, click here.

Social Media vs Email Marketing
In a world of social media platforms used to get more fans, we want to remind you that when you push to increase your fan base* you don’t own them. The social media venue controls how many fans they want to deliver your message to. For example, just like Google changing the algorithm and everything you had achieved is gone, social media services like Facebook control your message and it has become a play to play business. They hooked us with a little taste and now we pay to be seen. If you have 1000 Facebook fans and you post something, the average amount of people your message gets delivered to is usually around ten percent.

Think about yourself as a user – how much advertising do you want on your wall? They need to limit your posts or people would leave.
Now take that same 1000 people on your mailing list – your message would be delivered to every one of them. That is what makes your mailing list so important.

Content for an email – So many clients find it hard to think of what they should market to their email list. We have great ideas and our email services will get your phone ringing with each email campaign.

Call us today to see how we can help you build an email marketing campaign. We set everything up for you to do your campaigns. We can train you and your team or we can take the reins and run your email marketing campaigns for you as often as you like. Call 303-459-2686 to find out how we can help you.

Email Marketing Services
● Migrate your mailing list to an online service like Constant Contact or Mail Chimp or Infusionsoft
● Mailing list sign-up/auto unsubscribe on your website
● Design/Creation of email campaigns
● RSS Blog feed email campaigns
● Optimizing to avoid spam filters
● Training
● Maintenance