Get Custom Reports to Your Email Mailbox

crossGoogle Analytics – get monthly reports emailed to you to let you track your website traffic

If you don’t track where you are and you never look at your website stats, how do you know if you get better or where you can improve.

Google Analytics is a free tool that supplies website owners with the stats on website traffic. Most owners are surprised by the amount of data supplied and don’t really understand how to read it. We can create custom reports for your business to track traffic, keywords, location, and user data.

Three custom weekly reports will be emailed to you. We will do a consultation to discuss what types of information we should pull for your company and then do a phone consult after the first report to show you how to read them. 3 reports shipped weekly/2 consulting calls > $499


Maybe you already poke into your website stats but you aren’t really sure what to look for. In a few hours we will have you up and running and understanding everything you need to know about Google Analytics. Call today for a free quote 303-459-2686