Social Media Services

social-mediaFor most businesses, having social media is crucial because millions of people use it every single day. If you are not utilizing this valuable marketing tool- your competition is. However, not everyone needs to be on every platform – often, if you sign up for all the different (not sure should this say Social Media Services?) and you don’t post anything, it is much worse than focusing on the ones that make sense for your business.
With Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Foursquare, your customers all do what they like to do, where they like to “play” (spend their time). In order to reach your potential customers, you need to “play” in their sandbox.
The ability to attract new leads and customers with enough time to dedicate yourself to more important aspects of your business.
We can help demystify the social media world and allow you to come up with a social media marketing plan that works for your business.
We create social media plans and calendars- we do the posting for you or teach you and your team members what to do.

Social Media Audit and Evaluation

What have you done that gets engagement? What does your competition do? What works for them, what doesn’t? WE will do a social media audit and make recommendations on where you should start and where you want to land. You need to have a custom Facebook URL – it always amazes us that people do not know this basic trick. We can get you set up quickly.

Strategy Plan Consulting

We provide expert consulting to help you execute your social media strategy and reach your goals. How do you know if it’s working if you aren’t tracking anything? How many fans do you have today? Let’s set a goal for thirty days from now. How will we get there?

Content Posting

We work with you to decide exactly who your audience is and what marketing message you want to send. Then, we drive targeted traffic back to your website. We create a monthly calendar of fun posts that engage your fans but don’t hit them with a marketing message every time. Your fans have interests and we help you find the right mix of marketing and fun, engaging content.

Boosted Posts

Are you doing them correctly? Does the phone ring when you make an offer? We can help you with that – there is a science to engagement and mystery of a boosted post. We will help you reach a tighter audience and help you get better paid results.

WordPress Integration

We can add three types of social to your website. Follows, Feeds and Shares.

Widgets – Follow/FB/Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram/Pinterest/Other
Feeds– Each feed FB/Twitter/LinkedIn/Instagram/Pinterest/(Us) Install widgets
Share – This is a feature we add if you have a blog that easily allows customers to share your story on social media

Monthly Calendars

Knowing where to start is always the hardest part, but we can create and give you a posting schedule that makes it a five minute in the morning process. Whether it’s your team or our team- we can get you jump-started in no time.


In so many companies, we come across, someone who already had another job is suddenly declared the “Social Media Team” with no business experience in Social media- except they are on Facebook. What are the rules? How can I simplify the process? What tools make it easier? How can I engage my users? How do I build my Tribe? We are not only able, but happy to train your team members.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn? Would you like to understand how you can take one more thing on in your business and not be overwhelmed. How to start and why?

Custom Cover Photos

We will design & upload custom cover photos to your social media fan pages. Having a new monthly header gives you that fresh look and helps create that great first impression. We offer a 12 pack of Facebook cover photos for your business page. We can make header graphics for Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, Linkedin and any others you need.

Call us for a FREE 15 minute consultation so we can help you understand the new rules. We can help you compete with the big boys.