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Social Media Review

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• How is social media working for you?
• Do you track your fans?
• Do you get calls?
• Do you know the average amount of people that see your posts or engage?
• Do you struggle with ideas?
• Do you know you can create a social calendar and automate everything for a month?
• Do you know what your competition is doing that works?
• Do you have feeds on your website?
• Do you know which social platforms you should concentrate on?

We find that small business owners often take on doing their own social media for several reasons:
First – financial. Saving money is key and spending money on a task that you don’t see the potential in is even harder.
Second – You do not have the staff that can be trusted, or that has the knowledge you possess.

Let us review your social footprint and give you actionable steps to improve. Social review pricing based on your platforms + usage. Call 303-459-2686.[/fusion_text]