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Maintenance Packages

[title size=”1″ content_align=”left” style_type=”single” sep_color=”” class=”” id=””]Did someone in your office get assigned the task of being in charge of your company’s website?[/title][fusion_text]When we sell a website to a client we do so with the hope that they will continue to evolve that website, engage users, and tell your story. Users and search engines like when we update our content. Our maintenance packages were created to help our clients manage the expense of a website and help them be successful.

While our customers all have great hope thinking someone in their office will be updating the site, the blog and keeping it up to date, in our experience this happens sometimes at first then over time staff changes time and tasks control that person and your website and marketing effects.

This happens all the time in small companies. Someone gets the task of managing a website thrown into their job description and then are taught how to make changes and maybe add a blog story. They have no marketing experience, no time to dedicate and your website suffers, your ranking falls and the phone stops ringing.

CoWEBop Marketing provides pre-paid monthly time packages. These packages are available for our website clients or a la cart to new customers (One year contract required)[/fusion_text][title size=”1″ content_align=”left” style_type=”single” sep_color=”” class=”” id=””]Buy Monthly Security and Time[/title][fusion_text]Just a few years ago a WordPress site got set up and you didn’t have much else to do. Times have changed, we are targets for hackers

  • Spam comment attacks
  • Brute force attacks
  • Hijacking of site

WordPress software has reacted and has stepped up making core updates on a semiweekly/monthly, and sometimes daily basis to protect us.

When WordPress finds vulnerabilities it develops code that needs to be installed, then the millions of plugins need to update to keep up with the challenges. This also stirs up theme makers to update their code. All of these basic pieces need updating. Hire us to watch the updates and keep you up to date. This reduces your chance of getting hacked and losing your website.

We install a backup software and we backup before updates. We review your website to make sure everything is working as it should, then we backup the site again.[/fusion_text][title size=”1″ content_align=”left” style_type=”single” sep_color=”” class=”” id=””]Call Us For Package Prices[/title][fusion_text]You can use this time for WordPress updates, Backups, Blog or website updates, Review of your Google Analytics.  Unless you update your site regularly you will not get indexed and then the office might get very quiet. 303-459-2686[/fusion_text]