WordPress Training

At CoWEBop Marketing we believe anyone can have a WordPress website and given some training they can maintain it properly. We love to train people on WordPress either in your office or remotely. While a classroom setting may be a great place to start to understand WordPress every website, every theme, every plugin has unique questions and issues that may only apply to you.

A classroom setting may not offer you that one-on-one training to get YOUR issues solved. You don’t want to be a WordPress website designer you just want to manage your website and the simple functions that apply to you.

Give yourself the gift of a WordPress lesson or two and save your weekend time to do what you like to do. People always ask me “What book I should buy to get started on WordPress?”. Now I probably have 30 WordPress books on my shelf but nowhere do they tell you about your theme, and your plugins or the endless possibilities of plugins that can be added to enhance your site and make things easier.

One-On-One WordPress Training

Your needs – your issues quickly solved!
Call us today to find out about our training options 303-459-2686.

We are in the Denver/Boulder Colorado area, but there is this new thing called the internet and we can give you a lesson right online no matter where you are.